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Dear all,


Lam Research is looking for qualified candidates for positions below. If you have anyone who meets requirements, please make a referral and suggest good candidates to us!

I.        Open Positions

II.     Time Line

- Period of Referral: ~ Oct 25 (Sun) but applicants are always acceptable

- Plan to Hire: Q4 2020

III.  Employee Referral Guidance & Policy

n  Referral Process (how to)

- Click Req ID above > Refer friend to job > Enter candidate’s information and add resume > Send


n  Award Guideline

- Award will be paid for successful referral after probation period (3 months).

n  Others

- All regular employees and contractors of Lam Korea are eligible to participate in the Referral Award Program except for the following:

l  Directors. VP. and President

l  Staff of Human Resources

l  The hiring authority to which the individual would indirectly or directly report.


- Your recommendation does not necessarily guarantee the candidates’ interview or selection and they will go through the official resume screening and interview process.

- This announcement is for employee referral(외부 인재 추천), not job bidding.

- Please let Mike Jang know if you have any inquiry (#6622)


* 제출 서류 : 이력서(자유양식), Job Description(붙임 파일 참조)

* 관심 있는 석사 졸업 예정자는 상기 공고문을 참조하여 지원하시면 됩니다.

* 금번 박사 졸업 예정자 중 상기 공고에 관심 있는 분은 학과 행정실로 연락 바랍니다. (02-3290-4593)