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제목2019년 대웅재단 글로벌 장학프로그램 웅토링 스쿨 모집공고2019-04-17 16:36

Daewoong Foundation offers different kind of scholarship programs that contributes to the global human resource and medical technology development. Daewoong Foundation is looking for outstanding talents to be the next leaders of the world. 


ㅁName: Woongtoring School

ㅁProgram Period: June~November, 2019(6 months course)

ㅁApplication Period: April 15~May 13, 2019

ㅁNumber of Applicants: 00

ㅁQualifications: Undergraduate or post graduate students currently enrolled in korean Universities(Language Academy and Exchange Students Excluded)

                            Advanced Korean Language Ability

ㅁProcedures: Online Application(