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제목My twitter id is Heavensomehow, and I am the founder of OS system developer as with.2019-03-10 22:45

Hello, Guys!

I am Korean, Republic of Korea, undergraduate, name is Janghoon Ryu(Yoo).

I wasn't this department of university. Anyway,

Having to want to let you know this informations.

Now, Computers exchanged after four years with Bill Gates resigned.

4G system of Korea was Database revolution with National economic output Report 4,5, and this onto & into VR(i.g virtual reality.).

5G is now running of at the advertisement of broadcasting internet supporters, but not activated.

Herein, I wanted to let you know it that Computer OS system exchanged with NEO report(National economic output report), so faster system, and wholely exchanged more faster types, and signal system changed onto faster. So, you could search google, Tenths billion posts in a few 0.11 seconds, and this is numbers of searched and summarized and arranged in the technology of Artificial intelligence, (this is not used like deep learning because it's not the system of conservatives.).

Like what? you could search (handsome, pretty, beautiful, gorgeous) + (boy, guy, man, men, girl, woman, women) + (images) to reveal photo images separated graded and not doubled. Likewise this is the main thema of A.I.

And computing system, thereof, I supposed to let you know, two things.

First, Department of Mathmetics would be vanished cause to be in vain.

1. Complex number equations couldn't be revealed from right form to left form, that's not maths.

2. Windows Calculator in Engineering mode, for example, log(3499), or Cos(98753421) to have answer, as a real numbers.

3. 10^22 number answer could be multiplied with two large form filled numerics numbers, this has large answer form withof numbers like, 1,9867534658756432 * 10 ^22. this means computer doesn't be used not only binary form but also tenths form.

Second, Sound, Image, Movie, quality upgraded.

1. Sound & movie matched with time base.

2. You could watch out youtube movie with full screen without loosened condition.

And Of the addition information, 

1. Every upgrade or remodelling is on the base of system files.

2. Every brandnew system files could make *.dll options.

3. New type of file extension revealt, first *.ghp, could read *.gif, second, *.opi file revealt.

Especially) *.opi file usage.

You could rename of PDF file or any other extension of file as to *.opi format.

this just working!

And connect program likewith notepad, or chrome, or et. cetra.

Then you could use the file as the original extension files.

Now, I informed you to know conservatives to brandnew information as you, Students or Professors.

And New Techniques goes far up to super high tech.

This my last information to you, My twitter id is 'Heavensomehow'.

Sincerely Yours!

P.S) As my view, you could verify this information with your computer checking!

Just after verification, let you inform others to know these informations because of Korea university's way to future.